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Marzo 2013.

How the make a crowd-pleasing bolognese with Chef Lidia Bastianich

Chef Lidia Bastianich is known for her regional Italian cooking. The chef turned PBS television star is finally sharing some ...

Videointervista a Lidia Vitale, la regina de Roma di Paolo Sorrentino

Videointervista a Lidia Vitale, la regina de Roma di Paolo Sorrentino, su

LIDIA VITALE, Actress "Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle"

Reese & Karissa talk with LIDIA VITALE, actress in "Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle" about her film.

How To Make Greek Moussaka | Akis Petretzikis

The wonderful Akis Petretzikis has a fantastic moussaka recipe using baked vegetables instead of fried to make it that little bit ...

Cinema e Cultura 2018 07 20

Carlo Coen, ICFF's Director of Programming appears on this episode of Cinema e Cultura talking about Tullipani: Love, Honour ...

Ksenia Solo Interview | 'Tulipani' and TIFF 2017

Ksenia Solo (Kenzi on 'Lost Girl'), chats with us at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival about 'Tulipani: Love, Honour and ...

LIDIA VITALE - intervista 5 (Cinque) - WWW.RBCASTING.COM LIDIA VITALE - Intervista di Marialuisa Di Simone per RB Casting, in occasione della presentazione del ...

SOLO ANNA a Bologna

pic from the show in an apartment of Bologna.

Ask Lidia: Meatballs

Lidia talks about frying meatballs and baking them. Visit our website: Follow Lidia on Instagram: ...

Lidia Bastianich Cooks Spaghetti With Shrimp & Basil, Tours Her Home & Garden | PeopleTV

One of the most beloved chefs on TV, Lidia Bastianich, is known for her authentic Italian cooking. Lidia invites us into her home ...

Ischia Film Festival 2013 - Lidia Vitale

Intervistiamo l'attrice Lidia Vitale. Contattaci: Tel: +39 081 984588 [email protected] Visita i nostri siti: ...


One act promo of SOLO ANNA: written by Franco D'Alessandro, directed by Eva Minemar, with Lidia Vitale as Anna Magnani.

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