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Arnold Schwarzenegger and co-star Linda Hamilton return to ‘Terminator’ l GMA

The two actors talk about reprising their iconic action film roles in “Terminator: Dark Fate” in an interview with “Good Morning ...

Linda Hamilton on the Arsenio Hall Show 1992 Terminator 2

Linda Hamilton is promoting Terminator 2 on the Arsenio Hall show. From an old VHS tape I was about to toss out and thought ...

Comic-Con 2019: Teminator: Dark Fate's Linda Hamilton (Full Interview)

ET spoke with Hamilton at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, where they talked about 'Terminator: Dark Fate,' in theaters Nov. 1 ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton On Returning To Terminator | Full Interview

ET sat down with Schwarzenegger and his co-star Linda Hamilton to talk about their new 'Terminator' movie. Exclusives from ...

Linda Hamilton From 24 to 62 Years Old

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Love Letters interview

Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman interviewed by ?, post T2, during Love Letters.

Sidewalks TV: Linda Hamilton (2006)

In this 2006 interview taped a couple of days before Christmas with "Sidewalks" host Cindy Rhodes, actress Linda Hamilton talks ...

Linda Hamilton interview & Top Story (05.02.10) - TWStuff

Actress Linda Hamilton appeared on the show to promote her new film Holy Water. Note that the film clips couldn't be included for ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Finds Out Linda Hamilton Didn't Want To Work With Him | The Graham Norton Show

Before Terminator 1, Linda Hamilton talks about how she was hesitant to work with 'The Austrian Oak', Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Interview Arnold Schwarzenegger & Linda Hamilton TERMINATOR: DARK FATE

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Bryant Gumbel interviews Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton during season 1 of Beauty and the Beast.

Credit: J Ecris Bryant Gumbel interviews Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton during season 1 of Beauty and the Beast.

Linda Hamilton Says She'll Fake Her Death to Get Out of Next Terminator Film | Lorraine

Subscribe now for more! Linda Hamilton is back for a new instalment of the Terminator series in Terminator: ...

Linda Hamilton Chuck 4x07 Interview

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very majestic and regal and noble

interview with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton (who is the interviewer?)

Linda Hamilton Has an 'I'll Be Back' in the New 'Terminator'

James asks Arnold Schwarzenegger about the evolution of the T-800 character in the "Terminator" films, and how his character ...

Linda Hamilton Interview: Terminator Dark Fate - Collider Ladies Night

With Terminator: Dark Fate hitting screens nationwide on Friday, November 1st, it's finally time to share this epic episode of ...

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