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Lindsey Sporrer at MLG Anaheim 2011

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Lindsey Sporrer Interviews 'Zac' at NASL

"I'll find you later when you're not on TV"



Destiny at MLG Anaheim

Steven "Destiny" Bonnell talks to CSN about his performance at MLG Anaheim, who he's been playing on the Korean ladder, and ...

[NASL]Lindsey Interview

TL interview with Lindsey, the show floor interviewer of the NASL finals.

Kingston HyperX at MLG Anaheim 2011 Day 3 Extended Interview with EG.iNcontroL

Anna Prosser from Kingston Hyper X sit's down with Evil Geniuses Captain iNcontroL for a revealing interview about his life as a ...

Lindsey Sporrer Behind the Scenes

Take it Easy on Me - Robin Thicke.

Lindsey Sporrer arriving to the Blue Mountain State The Rise Of Thadland Premiere at Fonda Theatre i

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Lindsey Sporrer Guest Stars on CBS's VEGAS

Lindsey Sporrer Guest Stars on CBS's VEGAS.

★ StarCraft 2 - Sen interview - NASL

StarCraft 2 - Sen interview - NASL credits go to the NASL team for hosting this awesome event.

#TheAssignment - You Can Be Me

CAST: Sarah Barton and Lindsey Sporrer DIRECTOR: Sara Mornell WRITTEN BY: Sarah Barton and Sarah Mornell DIRECTOR ...

#TheAssignment - Try Outs

CAST: Lindsey Sporrer & Jonathan Barron DIRECTOR: Sara Mornell DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Ben Renschen MUSIC: ...

Lindsey Sporrer in Conan commercial

Lindsey Sporrer in Conan commercial.

TSL Puma Interview (NASL Spoilers)

I managed to catch Puma (aka Gentleman? - sorry I forgot to ask about his name change) for an interview. I mostly focused on his ...

Interview mit GoOdy - MST #10

Know Me interviewed Goody auf dem MST #10, dem StarCraft LAN-Turnier in München!

EG.HuK @ MLG Dallas 2013

TeamLiquid talks to EG.HuK at MLG Dallas on Day 2. They discuss life and relationships, the things that make up a progamer's ...

MLG Anaheim Interview - Snipedown

Snipedown takes a minute out to talk about the Australian Team Immunity shortly after their 3-0 victory in pool play.

FXOBoSs at MLG Columbus 2011

Joshua "BoSs" Dentrinos is the team owner/manager of FXOpen Esports, a professional StarCraft 2 team based in Australia.

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