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Lydia Lunch Interviews on Videowave -- Oct. 1983, Nov. 1985

Lydia Lunch, punk rock poet laureate is interviewed by Merle Ginsberg regarding the Immaculate Consumptive tour in 1983.

Nardwuar vs. Lydia Lunch

Nardwuar interviews Lydia Lunch & Exene Cervenka. January 9, 1996. Starfish Room, Vancouver,BC, Canada!

Lydia Lunch - Interview (2009)

From the supplements section of the documentary "Mutantes - Punk Porn Feminism" (by Virginie Despentes, 2009)

Lydia Lunch interview 1989 on Transmission Super Channel

Lydia Lunch interviewed and talking about reality films, mistakes, speaking out, abuse of power, spoken word, taking the power ...

Jezebel Quickies: Lydia Lunch

We sat down with No Wave legend and poet laureate Lydia Lunch who told us why she's not tired of speaking out and not to get ...

FAME TV - Lydia Lunch : No Music, No Cinema, No Wave !

A l'occasion de FAME 2020 - Festival international de films sur la musique, du 12 au 16 février 2020 à la Gaîté Lyrique, FAME TV ...


Filmed in London the day after the launch party for Kern's book New York Girls - originally part of a pilot for a documentary film ...

FAME 2020 : "Lydia Lunch - The War Is Never Over" de Beth B

FAME 2020 - Festival international de films sur la musique Du 12 au 16 février 2020 ...

Az A38 Hajó színpadán: Lydia Lunch

május 28. szerda 23:25 M2.

Lydia Lunch – 'I'm a Confrontational Artist' | Sound & Vision | TateShots

New York-born Lydia Lunch is a singer, poet, writer, actor, visual artist, and the fourth subject of our Sound & Vision series. In this ...

Lydia Lunch - Women of Rock Oral History Project Interview (clip)

Full interview available at Interviewed by Tanya Pearson Filmed and edited by Sophia Cacciola The ...

Lydia Lunch Live & Interview - "Big Sexy Noise".

Subscribe to underyourskindvd. A conversation with Lydia Lunch "Big Sexy Noise". ...

Interview with Lydia Lunch at Grauzone Festival on 31 January 2014

An interview with Lydia Lunch at the Grauzone Festival (Melkweg, Amsterdam) on 31 January 2014.

Lydia Lunch on "Denton" (1994)

interviewed by Andrew Denton on his late night show. From Australian TV.

Lydia Lunch Interview

Subscribe to underyourskindvd. A conversation with Lydia Lunch . ...

LYDIA LUNCH BIG SEXY NOISE - Full Show, Paris La Station Gare des Mines

21/11/2018 . caméras: Benoit Lesieux, Eric Madeleine, Mariexxme Edit: Mariexxme.

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