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Marilu Henner discusses working with Andy Kaufman on "Taxi" - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

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Marilu Henner @ The Jay Leno Show 1990

Please check out my photography and artwork here; ...

People who remember every second of their life | 60 Minutes Australia

Imagine being able to remember every minute detail of your life. You can recall what the weather was like, what you were reading ...

Marilu Henner on Later

After a brief clip with Paul McCartney, Bob Costas asks Marilu Henner where she was the night astronauts landed on the moon.

Marilu Henner talks Aurora Teagarden Mysteries - Home & Family

Actress Marilu Henner talks about her role on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie series, "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries ...

Marilu Henner's Superior Autobiographical Memory

Actress Marilu Henner is 1 of 6 known people in the world with the ability of "superior autobiographical memory." She spoke with ...

Shelley Duvall on Marilu Henner Show (1994 interview)

A rare interview with the elusive star.

Actress Marilu Henner's amazing memory

Actress Marilu Henner talks to Dr. Drew about her amazing ability to remember every moment of her life.

Marilu Henner Interview

WIND-FM's morning show, Hunter and Michaels talk with Marilu Henner about her incredible memory, her book and 'Taxi'.

Marilu Henner "Celebrity Apprentice" "Taxi" interview 17th Annual Roger Neal Pre-Oscar Suites

Actress, Writer Marilu Henner known for the hit TV shows, Celebrity Apprentice,Taxi and author of several heath books interview ...

Marilu Henner Radio Show Interview: Emily Deschanel

On June 21st 2013 Emily Deschanel was Interviewed by Marilu Henner on her Radio Show Talking about Family, Summer, Her ...

Marilu Henner discusses talking about her memory on "60 Minutes" - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

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Marilu Henner talks Taxi, Andy Kaufman and Evening Shade Part 1 of 2

She is the gorgeous lady who added a touch of class to the classic sitcom, TAXI. She played Burt Reynolds wife in Evening Shade ...

Interview with Marilu Henner

Junket interview with Marilu Henner regarding the film Johnny Dangerously. Conducted in Nebraska circa December 1984.

Marilu Henner (1985) Vh1 One on One Interview

Marilu Henner (1985) Vh1 Interview.

Marilu Henner discusses working with Danny DeVito on "Taxi" - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

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