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Friday at Sixty Sixty - 30th August 2019

On Friday we had a surprise birthday present collection, a small jam, lots of Jagermeister and a team outing to Homeslice for ...

10 ways to have a better conversation | Celeste Headlee

When your job hinges on how well you talk to people, you learn a lot about how to have conversations — and that most of us don't ...

Samantha Simmonds

An anchor on Sky News, Samantha is a leading new broadcaster, experienced in dealing with breaking news stories.

John Krasinski Wants to Retire After Directing Wife Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place

John Krasinski chats about how having his second daughter inspired him to sign on to make the horror movie A Quiet Place and ...

Outlander, Sam Heughan dances to Love Shack?

Humorous video showing the slick dance moves and outtakes of Sam Heughan. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

The Bokhof Vizslas

I found this quirky little song about Vizslas on a children's album, and thought I'd give movie-making a try.

Outlander, Man Crush in a suit and tie.

We have a man crush for Sam Heughan. Right? Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

Samantha Simmonds Exclusive Speakers Corner Video

Samantha Simmonds came into our offices to speak about her experience as a live news broadcaster for Sky, breaking some of ...

Outlander, A wee bit of Outlandish fun.

Some fun and ridiculous happenings at Outlander. Please Like, Share and Subscribe. Thank you.

BBC: Dr. Nancy Wang Yuen on the new Mulan Casting

Interview by Samantha Simmonds for IMPACT on BBC about Disney giving a Chinese actress Crystal Liu Yifei the lead part in ...

Outlander, The Drunken Scots (Humor)

Humorous gif collection of cast and characters of Outlander. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

Outlander, Caitriona Balfe / When You Say Nothing at All

Tribute to Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser Please Like Share and Subscribe. Thank you.

Outlander, Sam’s Love Keeps Lifting Me

Series of edits of Sam Heughan. Chan you EVER get tired of him? Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. Thank you.

Sue Simmons Curses "What the Fk" and Apology

Sue Simmon from NBC News 4 drops the "F" bomb then apologizes. Both videos are shown.

Outlander, Sam Heughan is Simply Irresistible!

SamHeughan shows us why he Is simply irresistible!❤️ Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

Outlander, Happy 40th Birthday Sam Heughan

Happy 40th to our fave actor, philanthropist and work out buddy. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

Tug the Border Collie

Slideshow of my Border Collie pup, Tug, set to the music of Nancy Simmond.

Outlander, Sam Heughan’s Groove

Lots of fun, handsome edits of our fave Scot, Sam Heughan. Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. Thank you,

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