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Dear One - Hugo Hamlet & Nancy Trotter Landry

Hugo Hamlet and Nancy Trotter Landry available for weddings and parties, contact; [email protected] and ...

Interview with Jaimie Carswell and Nancy Trotter, stars of Cirque de Legume

As part of the ABSOLUT FRINGE FESTIVAL in Dublin at the moment, Cirque de Legume is playing at Filmbase, Temple Bar until ...


This video is about NTL REEL.

My Beautiful Circus - Giffords Circus 2018

A short film showcasing our 2018 show 'My Beautiful Circus'. In a gorgeous array of 1930's inspired sequinned dresses, tail coats ...

Opening GC

Opening GC.

2008 narator

2008 narator.

Meet The Matildas | Giffords Circus

Following in the footsteps of the great Acrobat and Escapologist in Matilda's story, we took our new Matildas Isobel and Francesca ...

Lucky 13 Giffords Circus

Nancy Trotter Landry.

Seal of Poland

Cirque de Legume chair number.

Mermaid Chunky Check

Mermaid Chunky Check their experimental scape for their night on Saturday 4 March at Stroud Valleys Artspace presenting Nina ...

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